Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh Andrew!

I don't even know what to update about Andrew. He is making some progress, but he is just ALWAYS into things. He is so independent (exact opposite of Matthew). I didn't get a picture of him dumping out the shampoo and conditioner and mouthwash down the toilet, but he is into do that now too (some may think or say, "Oh my kid did that too when they were little", I will say to you there is a difference and the big difference I have noticed with Andrew and other kids who might do this stuff is you can actually talk to the child and they can somewhat understand what they are doing and will eventually stop or give up on it, but Andrew is obsessively persistent, it's part of who he is). My brother-in-law says that Andrew only has one speed....FAST. He is too smart for his own good. We are getting pretty inventive in how to keep him out of stuff. He did decide though to be potty trained so that has been wonderful. After 10 1/2 years of diapers I am done (except at night, but I don't count that b/c Andrew takes it off of himself in the morning when he wakes up and puts his own underwear on)! 

I think we will just continue to keep on seeing progress, but I know that it will never be completely "normal". But I have come to wonder...What is normal? Well I think normal is what your life is. And my normal is having the kids that I have and all that comes with them, the wonderful, the difficult, the frustrating, and the good.

Hope you get a good laugh at these pictures of Andrew and his mischief.

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