Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My little heroes

I always talk on this blog about my two children with special needs, because that is what this blog is about. However, there are two people that I hardly ever mention that are a HUGE part as to why I can get through the day most days and who are the silent heroes in my life.  They are Emma (10) and Jacob (8)...my older "normal" children.  

They are superstars as far as I am concerned. They are so loving and patient with their little brothers (they do get their moments of frustrations but they are amazing).  Emma tries to play with the boys or tries to help them calm down if they are having a meltdown and gives them lots of love.  Jacob is much bigger than his little brothers and could very easily beat them up or push them to the ground, but he is always so patient with them and when they hit him or push him around he just takes it and never retaliates. It amazes me how great these two kids are.  

Matthew "using" Emma as part of his play while she just keeps on patiently reading a book. 

There for Matthew when he needs help or a hug.

Not only are they amazing siblings but they are wonderful children for me and Eric. They are usually pretty obedient and good listeners, they are very helpful, and they are VERY patient and forgiving of us. We sometimes have a short fuse and we snap at them when they really didn't do much. We realize it and apologize for it and they always just wrap their arms around us and tell us that they love us and that we are the best parents ever.  They say sometimes, "it's okay mom we know that you've had a rough day with Matthew and Andrew." Such compassion and understanding is just so helpful and wonderful.

I really am truly blessed to have these two on my team!

Andrew and Jacob working on a pumpkin together.
Jacob being Matthew's "horse" around the house.

Playing together on the trampoline

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